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Common Residential Electrical Issues


It is never easy to predict when you will be faced with an electrical issue. But sometimes, there are certain signs that you can watch out for that will spell impending trouble. This allows you to contact an electrician early on and have the matter rectified without having to suffer inconvenience.

You should always contact an electrician North Sydney when there are electrical issues in the house. One of the common signs of an electrical issue is a buzzing noise. While the buzzing you hear with refrigerators is normal, the buzzing related to ‘mains hum’ is not. This can be due to overloaded wires. So when there is a higher voltage that is going through a wire, it can generate a buzzing noise. Wires are generally designed to carry a certain voltage. The buzzing noise can also be generated by an overloaded circuit breaker. If your circuit breakers don’t have an automatic shutoff, an overload can lead to sparking or buzzing. If you notice this happening, the electricity has to be shut off immediately and you will need to contact an electrician to replace the breaker. You may see sparks or arcs happening around electrical outlets. When you plug something into the outlet, you might see a blue spark that lasts about a second. But if the sparks don’t go away or if the sparks are coming out of the holes in the outlet, you will need to have an electrician check it out. Other warning signs are having white or yellow sparks or smelling burning along with the sparks.

A blown fuse is the term used for a burned out fuse. When too much electricity passes through the fuse, it will melt and this is called a blown fuse. A fuse is actually a small piece of metal ribbon that is fitted into the fuse panel. Sometimes you may experience blown fuses repeatedly. There are many things that can lead to this. For example, you might have a too many appliances working at one time that are straining the electrical system. This will overload your system and contribute to a blown fuse. A residential electrician will be able to replace the fuse easily in this case. But sometimes, this can be due to a short-circuit that will need a bit of time to fix. This happens when something in the home is wired incorrectly. An electrician will need to find out where the problem is before fixing it.

It is very important to never ignore burning smells. Whenever you smell this, you have to find out where it comes from. It can be from an outlet, heating vent etc. Sometimes, you may not be able to trace the burning smell to one source. It might be stronger in a certain area but you may be able to smell it everywhere in the house. Generally, there will be a heating smell coming from the heating vent when you first turn it on after a long time. It will go away after some time. But it can be serious if the smell is coming from an outlet. You may also see smoke damage or scorch marks on the outlet. You will need an electrician to rectify faulty wiring that leads to this burning smell. This can lead to fire so you have to take immediate action.

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