Types of Switches for Your Home

You would think that a switch in your house is as basic as it gets. Not quite, even these simple electrical devices have their own variants on the market. These variants have their own styles and functions and can be categorized in many different ways. The more common types of switches include rockers, sliders, and even the classical push-button. Let us take a closer look at commonly used household and industrial switches.

The Single Pole Switch

This is probably one of the most common types of switches found in household; it has the basic function of controlling a light from one particular location. Toggle switches usually come with clear markings indicating “ON” and “OFF” which makes it easier to use for people of all ages. This type of switch comes with two terminals and has a black wiring where one wire serves as incoming and one serves as outgoing. You would also normally find a ground terminal as well for this switch which acts as an added safety precaution.

The Double Pole Switch

This type of switch is more commonly used for industrial applications but you do find them connected to some household wiring systems as well. A double pole has clear markings on it as well for easy usage but the major difference lies in the fact that it has four terminals which are commonly made out of brass. In addition a double pole switch has a ground terminal as well. They are known to have a higher rating than their single pole counterparts simply because they are made to cater to more demanding functions and appliances like machinery and different types of motors. The normal rating for a standard switch would be between 15 and 20 amps while a double pole would have 30 amps and above.  The downside of this switch is that it can only be used to control an electrical device in a particular location and this is rather limiting in the user’s point of view. The benefit of a double power point switch, for example, would be that you can minimize the usage of too many power boards in your house. Additional switches will have a huge benefit on the user; if one doesn’t work then you could always go for using the backup switch to operate the electrical device of your wish.

Three-way Switch

These types of switches are usually found in pairs simply because they are used to control a common electrical device from two different locations. They have three different terminals with two of the terminals being called travellers. “Travellers” are interchangeable while the ground terminal is directly attached to the switch. This arrangement means that this type of switch is extremely easy to install since there is no way you can get the terminals and wiring. I think it is safe to say that knowing the different types of switches on offer in the market means that you can get the best type of electrical arrangement for your house.

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