Solar Power and Solar Panels: The Basics

Are you considering the potentials of solar energy for your home, but part of you is holding you back? Here are answers to the most common questions on solar power and solar panels, which should help you get the basics straight!

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels are made from highly reactive material. When installed and exposed to the atmosphere, and sunlight hits the panel, the reactions that take place create electricity. However, the electricity created is DC, and has to be converted to AC to be used like you normally do.

The conversion is performed by inverters installed in the solar panel. The role of the inverter in your panel is crucial. It not only creates AC, but also does so efficiently. Properly functioning solar panels wouldn’t make you feel that the electricity supply is ‘different’ in any way. Of course, the only difference it will make is in your bills!

Is Solar Energy Good Enough and Reliable to Use at my Home?

Solar energy is actually more reliable than power plants. Solar panels generate energy constantly. The only instance it doesn’t would be when the sun is not out, such as during the night and eclipses. Unlike many believe, solar panels don’t need to be placed under scorching sunlight to generate energy.

However, what can affect the efficiency and the performance of a solar panel are severe atmospheric conditions such as storms, winds, and rains. Opting for high quality, durable panels will ensure reliable performance amidst hindrances. Look up REA Solar and find out why they’re one of the most trusted options in the market.

Will My Solar Panel Generate Electricity During Cloudy and Stormy Days?

As mentioned, solar panels only need access to sun rays, and not direct exposure to loads of sunlight. Therefore, they continue to produce energy normally, whether it rains or snows. However, as previously mentioned, there may be variations in the amount and sometimes, the quality of energy produced during these days. The bottom line is that clearer days mean optimum levels of energy production, while storms and snow may cause some fluctuation, here and there.

How Much Will I Save On Electricity Bills with Solar Panels?

Great savings on bills are always guaranteed! There really is no doubt about it.  It isn’t easy to predict your bills accurately because the amount you save will depend on several factors, such as your location, the amount of electricity you consume, and the rates you are charged by the utility company. Nevertheless, bill reductions are one of the biggest reasons why solar energy is booming, and so, significant savings are a promise!

Are Solar Panels Difficult to Maintain? Will I Have to Replace Them?

The only thing you will need to do in terms of maintenance is to make sure your panels have clean surfaces and do not have dust, dirt, debris, or anything obstructing them. Dust them off or wipe them clean every once in a while, that’s certainly not much to do!

As for replacement, it’s very unlikely that you will need to! The majority of them come with warranties of 20, 30, or 50 years. In the worst case, you would have made enough returns on your investment by the time it requires some sort of replacement.

Can I Install the Panels Myself?

There are quite a few key things involved in the installation process, and so, it isn’t recommended that you do it yourself. Call the experts and have your panels installed in the best possible way and get free advice and guidelines on usage, maintenance, and everything important!

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