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How to Organise a Bachelorette Including a Male Stripper


If you are planning to organise a bachelorette party, one of the exciting activities you can plan is incorporating a male stripper. However, this needs some careful consideration as you will need to make sure that it is an enjoyable experience for everyone.

You need to consult with the bride

So you have a good idea of her comfort level and preferences regarding booking a male stripper. Some brides will prefer a low key celebration while others will be excited about the idea of having a male stripper at the party. Once you are sure the bride is okay with it, you can start planning the event. You can set a date and a budget for the event and you will need to check with everyone’s schedules to see what is more convenient. You have to check the availability of family members and close friends that are invited to the bachelorette party. You have to see how much everyone is willing to spend on the party so that you can come up with a rough budget. This can then be divided to the rental of a venue, food and drinks, entertainment and decorations.

You have to choose the right venue for this

So that you have the perfect atmosphere for the party. You can consider the interests and personality of the bride when choosing the venue. This can be a mal strip club like Aussie Hunks Australia, a night club, private party room or a rented vacation home. You have to make sure that the size of your group can be accommodated in your selected venue. You can check out male stripper agencies to see how you can book experienced performers for the party. You can read online reviews and check online ratings for the agencies to get a good idea. You can also visit the social media profiles and official websites of the agencies and the clubs to watch small videos of past performances. You can also see details about the performers and choose one based on what everyone likes. You will need to contact the stripper agency to ask whether the male stripper you have in mind is available and ask about the prices. Check whether they are available for the date of the party.

When discussing details with the agency,

You need to let them know if you have any special requests or preferences. For example, you may have a request regarding the costume of the stripper or certain music preferences. You can pay the required deposit fee once the booking is secure. You have to plan the rest of the bachelorette party after booking the male stripper. This can be dinner at a favourite restaurant of the bride’s, a wine tasting, a relaxing session at the spa or a fun group activity. You need to have the male stripper performance booked at a time when everyone is ready to party. If you are booking a private venue, you will need to decorate it to add to the celebratory atmosphere of the event. This can have banners, balloons and other themed decorations.

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